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No. 32 




|*0 said a respectable fatherly- 
looking old man in the town of 
in England. 



I had taken a handful of tracts 
and gone out to visit in the district 
where I lived, to speak of Jesus, 
and to invite the perishing ones to 
hear the story of his matchless love 
to sinners. 

On knocking at one door, my 
fatherly -looking friend presented 
himself. I asked him kindly if he 
would accept of a tract. He said 
" No, I don't believe in your way." 
I said " No, I don't believe in my 
own way. ?) 

My old friend stared at me as if 
I had been an apparition from the 
spirit world. I remained silent 


until the silence became painful. 
My friend was bewildered. I said 
" I did believe in my own way for 
the first twenty years of my life, and 
I'll tell you what my own way was. 
I was well brought up by Christian 
parents, went regularly to church 
from my infancy, and joined the 
church when I became old enough ; 
I often read my Bible and said my 
prayers ; I never did any one any 
harm; I always paid my way — in 
short, I was doing my best" 

"Well," said my friend, "I think 
that was a very good way." 

" Yes," I replied, " I thought so 
too; but I found it was not Gotfs 
way. I found it written in God's 
word, 4 Verily, verily, I say unto 
thee, except a man be born again 
he cannot see the kingdom of God* 
(John iii. 3). ' He that believeth 
not is condemned already' (verse 18); 
i He that believeth not the Son shall 
not see life ; but the wrath of God 

abideth on him " (verse 36). * He 
that believeth not shall be damned ' 
(Mark xvi. 16). ' Now to him that 
worketh is the reward not reckoned 
of grace, but of debt ; but to him 
that worketh not, but believeth on 
Him that justifieth the ungodly, his 
faith is counted for righteousness' 
(Romans iv. 4, 5). I found my way 
was in direct opposition to GocPs 
way. I was on the doing line, and 
that is the down line to dark dam- 
nation." " By the deeds of the law 
there shall be no flesh justified in 
his sight " (Romans iii. 20.) 

My friend believed in a salvation 
without faith and a religion without 
Christ. He would not simply 
receive it as the gift of God by faith, 
who says, " look unto Me and be ye 
saved" (Isaiah xlv. 22). 

Do you believe in your own way 
or in God's way? Which? God's 
testimony of us is that "we have 
turned every one to his own way " 

(Isaiah liii. 6). That is the broad 
way (Matthew vii. 13), and it leads 
to destruction just as surely as God 
has said it. Your way may see7n 
right. "There is a way which 
seemeth right unto a man, but the 
ends thereof are the ways of death 
(Proverbs xiv. 12). Jesus says, "/ 
am the way" (John xiv. 6). "He 
that hath the Son hath life; and he 
that hath not the Son of God hath 
not life" (1 John v. 12). 

Now, I think I hear you say — 
"But you know I have been well 
brought up, and I know my Bible 

Yes; but that is just your own 
way. You are too far up to take 
Christ, as a lost perishing sinner; 
but, like little Zaccheus, you must 
come down. Nicodemus was well 
brought up ; but with all his up- 
bringing, he was going to hell, right 
to hell. Up-bringing will prove 
but a rotten twig to hold on to for 

salvation, " for there is none other 
name under heaven given among 
men whereby we must be saved " 
(Acts iv. 12) but the "name of Jesus 
Christ of Nazareth" (verse 10). 
Jesus says, " / am the way? But 
you say, " I am not an unbeliever. 
I believe the Bible, and have always 
believed in Christ." 

" Then you are saved ?" 

" Oh no, I cannot say that — it 
would be great presumption in me 
to say that." 

But God says it ; and whether is 
it more presumptuous to take God 
at His word or make Him a Hart 
(1 John v. 10). It is one thing to 
believe that Christ came into the 
world more than eighteen hundred 
years ago, and died to save sinners ; 
it is quite another thing, as a lost 
sinner, to believe on Him as my 
personal Saviour. I may believe 
that my dinner is on the table 
waiting for me ; but that will not 

satisfy me — I must really partake 
or die. So it is not believing about 
Christ, but believing on Him, "and 
he that believeth on the Son hath 
everlasting life" (John iii. 36). 
Mark the word h-a-t-h "hath ever- 
lasting life." God says so. 

But you say, " I am a member of 
the Church." Very good, if you are 
saved ; but if you are unconverted, 
your taking the sacrament is one of 
the blackest sins under heaven. It 
is eating and drinking judgment to 
yourself (1 Cor. xi. 29). Church- 
membership is not Christ. Jesus 
says, " / am the way" 

At the close of a gospel meeting 
lately I was asked to speak to an 
anxious woman. When I got 
through the many that were there 
to where she was sitting, she 
grasped me by the hand, and with 
streaming eyes, and choking with 
emotion, she said, " Oh sir, I have 
been a member of the Church for 

twenty-four years, and I never knew 
till to-night that I am a lost sinner ; " 
and as she buried her face in her 
handkerchief, she sobbed out, " O 
what must I do to be saved?" 

I pointed her to the Lamb of 
God, "who His own self bare our 
sins in His own body on the tree" 
(i Peter ii. 24). She saw that 
" while we were yet sinners, Christ 
died for us" (Rom. v. 8). She 
believed and lived. The smile of 
heaven was on her face, her yet 
undried tears sparkled under the 
Sun of Righteousness like the dew 
under the morning sun. I left her 
rejoicing in the Lord. This is God's 
way of saving sinners. 

Have done with your own way, 
your own doing, your upbringing, 
and your religiousness. None of 
these will save— all put together 
cannot save you, Jesus says, " I 
am the Way." 

J. M. S.